2018 Celebrity Guests


Denise Crosby

  Denise Crosby created the role of Lt. Tasha Yar on one of the most popular
TV series ever, "STAR TREK, THE NEXT GENERATION." She later returned
to play Tasha's daughter "Sela," a role she helped create.
Denise co-starred alongside Fisher Stevens and Jennifer Tilly in the Fox
series, "KEY WEST," and has played recurring roles on the acclaimed series,
THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN." She has guest starred in numerous TV
series, most recently, “DEXTER,” “SCANDAL,” "CASTLE” and the recurring
role of Mary in "THE WALKING DEAD.” Denise played Captain Susan
Sallinger on the acclaimed series “SOUTHLAND” on TNT. She is currently
recurring in the role of Deb on the series “RAY DONOVAN” for SHOWTIME
starring Liev Schreiber and Jon Voight, and “THE MAGICIANS” for SyFy.
She co-starred in Stephen King's classic film, "PET SEMATARY." Denise
made her film debut in Walter Hills’ hit "48 Hours" and went on to work
with Blake Edwards in "THE MAN WHO LOVED WOMEN", and "SKIN
DEEP" with the late John Ritter. She teamed up with Quentin Tarentino in
"JACKIE BROWN," and Mimi Leder in "DEEP IMPACT." Denise has worked
in Indies films such as the Sundance Film Festival Winner "MIRACLE MILE"
directed by Steve De Jarnette and "THE RED SHOE DIARIES” directed by
Zalman King.
Denise received an Ovation nomination for Best Actress for her performance
in "LAST SUMMER AT BLUEFISH COVE" directed by Dorothy Lyman. She
has done numerous plays, most notably the role of Tamara de Lempicka in
the acclaimed play "TAMARA". Richard Dreyfuss made his theatrical
directing debut with Denise in "STOPS ALONG THE WAY." Her most recent
stage work includes two critically acclaimed plays directed by legendary
acting teacher, Larry Moss, “EPITAPH FOR GEORGE DILLON” by John
Osborne which opened in New York City and “BEGGARS IN THE HOUSE OF
PLENTY,” by John Patrick Shanley at Theater/Theatre in L.A. Denise was
recently seen in “ORPHEUS DESCENDING” by Tennessee Williams, directed
by Lou Pepe at Theatre/Theater, alongside actor Gale Harrold. The
production was critically acclaimed, nominated for the 2010 L.A. Drama Desk
Award for “Best Revival” and has been singled out in many “Best Of 2010”
lists. She was last seen in the award-winning premiere of “HOUSE OF
GOLD” directed by Gates McFadden at EST: LOS ANGELES, where she is a
company member.
Denise has worn a different hat as Producer and Host of the feature
documentary "TREKKIES" released by Paramount Pictures. The film
reteams her with director Roger Nygard who directed her in the Indie
comedy "HIGH STRUNG", written by comedian Steve Oedekerk. They have
also worked together on the sequel, "TREKKIES 2" currently out on
Paramount Home Video.
Denise currently resides in Pacific Palisades with her husband, writer Ken
Sylk, and their son, Augie. 


Anndi McAfee

 Anndi is most notably remembered as voices for: Cera in the Land before Time movies, Emily Wong in Mass Effect, Ashley Armbruster on Recess, Phoebe on Hey Arnold, Carrie Kelly in The New Batman Adventures, Lebreau in Final Fantasy XIII and Lauren Taylor on Baywatch as well as voice credits in many other video games and television shows such as cloudy with a chance of meatballs, Saints row, Everqust and Samurai Jack. 


Chase Masterson


A fan favourite, Chase Masterson is best known for her 5-year breakout role on Star Trek DS9, along with her Doctor Who Big Finish audio spinoff VIENNA.

Among a myriad of other roles, Chase has Guest-Starred on The Flash, hosted Sci-Fi Entertainment and starred opposite Bruce Campbell in Terminal Invasion for SyFy, played opposite Jerry O’Connell in Sliders, and co-hosted NBC Sunday Night at the Movies with Ryan Seacrest. Guest-Star credits include the Emmy-winning episode of ER and Presidio Med, and a Recurring role on General Hospital. Feature film lead roles include a mysterious jazz singer in eOne’s acclaimed sci-fi noir, Yesterday Was a Lie.

Chase was named in AOL’s 10 Sexiest Aliens on TV, Screen Rant’s 15 Most Stunning Aliens in Star Trek, Femme Fatales’ 50 Sexiest Women, Film Fetish’s Hot Leading Ladies of Film, and TV Guide Online readers’ poll’s Favorite Sci-Fi Actress on TV during the run of DS9.

Chase is the Founder of the Pop Culture Hero Coalition, the first non-profit organization to teach real-life heroism over bullying, racism, misogyny, LGBTQI-bullying and cyberbullying; using stories from pop culture TV, comics and film, the Coalition works in schools, pop culture cons and children’s hospitals.


Kirby Morrow

   Kirby Robert Morrow is a Canadian actor, voice actor, writer and comedian. He was born in Jasper, Alberta and studied theatre at Mount Royal University in Calgary. He works in Vancouver, British Columbia. In animation, he is known as the voice of Miroku from InuYasha, Van Fanel from the Ocean dub of Escaflowne, Cyclops from X-Men Evolution, Jay from Class of the Titans, Teru Mikami from Death Note, Trowa Barton from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, Ryo Takatsuki from Project ARMS, Goku from Ocean's dub of Dragon Ball Z (from Episode 160 onwards), and Cole from Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. On camera, he is known for the recurring role of Captain Dave Kleinman from Stargate Atlantis. 


Laine MacNeil

  Laine is known as Teresa in "Falling Skies", Ava on "You Me Her" and of course Patty Farrell in the "Diary of a Wimpy Kids" movies which earned her 5 Young Artists award including a win for best young supporting actress in a feature film. You've also seen her in roles on "X-Files", "Shattered", "Almost Human", R.L. Stine's "Haunting Hour" and "The Killing". We are so excited to have this amazing young talent join us for the weekend! 


Scott McAfee

  Scott's voice acting resume includes: Littlefoot in the Land Before Time movies. Willie Watt in Batman Beyond. As well as working on Toy Story and Animaniacs. 

Scott will be available for autographs and photos Saturday and Sunday.


Lee Tockar

   Emmy-nominated voice actor, Lee Tockar has lent his voice to hundreds well-loved animated characters, in over seven thousand episodes of animation and animated movies, and video games.
Lee is currently featured as “Mim Mim” in Kate & Mim Mim, “Snips”, “StevenMagnet”& “Coriander Cumin” in My Little Pony, “Gull” in Endangered Species, “Darth Maul” in The Yoda Chronicles, “The Roach” in Supernoobs & the EPIC roll of “FRIEZA” in Dragon Ball Kai.
Other titles include, Pirate Express, The Deep, Ratchet & Clank (The movie), Open Season(The Movie), “King Kong” in Netflix’ King Kong, Beast Wars, Fantastic Four, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, and the maniacal “Dr. Frogg”, in League of Super Evil.
Fluent in animal, creature, monster and several forms of gibberish, Lee is widely regarded as the Frank Welker of Canada. When asked to comment, Mr. Welker cheerfully said, “Sorry, Lee-who?”
In 2008 Seth MacFarlane presented Lee with the ELAN Award for Best Voice Artist of the year. As well, he has taken home a LEO Award and was honored with his Emmy nomination for his performance of “Pronto” in Slugterra. This year he won the 2016 UBCP/ACTRA Awards for Outstanding Performance and says he is humbled to be well thought of in a field he has dreamt of since he was a child.
Lee has written, directed, cast, designed, done sound design for and taught animation throughout his 25 years plus in the industry. Cartoons quite literally are… his life. 


Sean Rogerson

 Sean was born in Edmonton, Alberta and began his acting career on television shows like “Supernatural”, “Smallville”, and “Psych”. Other television projects include “Sanctuary”, “Fringe”, and the feature film “Underworld Evolution”. His role as Joel Booth in the CBS primetime mystery “Harpers Island” effectively showcased his talent and made him a natural choice in his most notable role as Lance Preston in “Grave Encounters”, which premiered at The Tribeca film festival in 2011 and was soon followed up by “Grave Encounters 2” in 2012. Sean performed an arc on the hit TV show “Arrow” and a lead on the feature “12 Rounds Reloaded”. Sean hit the big screen again at Tribeca 2014 in “Extraterrestrial”, Then back to the small screen as a series regular on the TV series “Bitten” playing Aliester VI.